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    In my work with my therapy clients, I needed simple tools that could be used to discuss, show examples, and quickly lead to results. I couldn’t find what I needed so I made it. Now I am offering the tools that I have used with my clients over the years to anyone who might need or want them.  

    Welcome to The Daring Shop!

    Our products feature daily pages that can be used to track your mood, goals, & keep up with your self-care needs. You can use the pages every day, a few days a week, or use them in addition to our monthly & annual mood tracking packs. There is no wrong way to use them.

    Did you know that simply keeping track of your daily moods can help give you insight into your mood cycles, internal & external stressors, quality of life, & if your self-care is working for you?

    Research shows that introspection is hugely important in growing as a person & self-acceptance. Insight is the jumping-off point & finding the ways to make that insight work for you is the path to your goals. It’s pretty amazing for a simple tool!

    Our products are all designed by a therapist with clinical & personal benefits in mind. Each product is specifically created for people who are seeking to become their best selves through self-acceptance & therapy. All of our products can be used in therapy sessions with a therapist or in your personal life just to give you the boost in mindset & outlook to move forward and be your best self!

    At The Daring Shop, we also have a section just for therapists that includes group activities and worksheets.

    Take Me To The Shop!

    *None of the products sold in The Daring Space-Shop are a substitute for having your own therapist. The products should not be used in lieu of having a therapist or seeing a mental health professional.