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  • Therapy will help, heal, and grow you.

    Learn to let go of comparison, busyness, and feelings of not being good enough. Learn to be your best friend and heal from all of the anxiety and depression that holds you down. 

    Anxiety is overwhelming, depression sneaks in, and we are frustrated and angry that we can’t just get our lives together like everyone else. 

    Sound familiar?

    Chances are that you are a perfectionist that feels responsible for everyone around you and for keeping all those plates spinning in the air. The fact that you are emotionally, physically, and mentally tired shouldn’t be a problem but it is a big problem. 

    You’ve tried everything that you know to do and you just can’t get the rest you need or escape from the anxious thoughts about how you should try harder, do better, and do more.

    Get The Relief You're Looking For

    I can help you when,

    +you are anxious and exhausted from being emotional caretakers to others in your life and inner circles.


    +you are burnt out but don’t know how to make changes that will help you move towards the life that you really want to be living.


    +you are harsh and self-critical to yourself but empowering and affirming to everyone around you.


    +you are trapped in the negative “what ifs” in life and feel stuck without a way to move forward.


    +you so desperately want to make a change but just don’t know what steps to take to get to your goals.


    +you have gone through big changes in your life and need support while you find your true selves on the other side of that change.


    +you suffer from comparison and feel like everyone else knows something that you don’t and you are the only one who hasn’t “made it” and “don’t get it”.


    +you want to find yourself and live the life that you dream of.


    +you are a member of a marginalized or minority community who needs a safe, accepting, and supportive space to boldly live out loud and go on your journey.

    The Daring Space is a private therapy practice that works with individuals who are struggling with the thought that they need to be fixed, get back to their “old” selves, or are drowning in suffering from anxiety and perfectionism.

    My favorite people are the ones who want so badly to be their best selves. That can look like something different for everyone but it can happen when you have the support that you need to stop the anxious thoughts, move through your depression, process your grief, and/or work through your traumatic experiences.

    My clients often find themselves feeling more confident, more content, and better able to manage stress and the unknown, with improved decision-making skills, a clearer sense of self, and more joy in their life. I want you to see those things in your own life!

    The Daring Space is trans-inclusive, queer affirming, and welcomes individuals from all genders, backgrounds, and cultures.

    About Helen Jennings-Hood, Ed.S., LPC, TA

    Hi! My name is Helen & I am the founder of The Daring Space. I absolutely love working with diverse groups of people, meeting unique individuals, & guiding them to improve their quality of life. When you’re ready to get to work in changing the way you live and how you show up every day, we can get clear on your goals, plan your steps forward, & start moving forward into a new way of living. You need to grow & I’m here to help!