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    My Mission

    The Daring Space strives to provide a safe & daring therapeutic space for unique individuals to go on their journey of becoming their best selves & living their best lives despite their struggles.

    I am in the business of supporting unique individuals who know that life is supposed to be better than what they have going on right now. People who feel like something is holding them back but they aren’t sure what it is. Often, I work with people who have gone as far as they can on their own and they just need support to continue moving forward. Many people see great things happening around them but they can’t find their own joy in their lives or they can’t stop stressing long enough to enjoy it. I can help you with all of those things. Daring to be your best self may look different to each client, my job is to help you find out what you need and make it work for you!

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    Hi! My name is Helen

    When I’m off the clock

    When I’m not seeing my people in my practice, I love to be outside in the sun. Reading and growing new ideas are my favorite things to do and I can do both of these things outside, so it’s a win-win! I’m super curious, so constantly trying new things is a big part of my life. I’m a mother to some really great kids, a partner to my amazing husband, an artist, a writer, and a really awkward conversationalist sometimes. No need to worry about awkward conversations in our sessions though, I like to think I’m really good at what I do. Once you work with me, I hope you agree!

    In My Work

    I have education, training, and experience across many different aspects of life but I truly love helping motivated individuals reach their full potential and find a better quality of life. I am so excited when I’m able to work with diverse groups of people and help them find how to take steps to be their best selves and become who they want to be, living the life they want to live.

    I practice from a Person-Centered Approach which means that I believe that all people are capable of change and that the therapist’s job is to be a supporter and go on the daring journey of best self along with the client. One of my core beliefs is that everyone has a best self somewhere inside of them and their own unique version of their best life that they want to be living. This looks different for everyone and everyone’s journey to find it is very different.

    Being a Person-Centered therapist, I think that offering my clients a safe and accepting, non-judgemental space is an important part of being able to take the journey towards their best self and their best life. That is why I call my practice The Daring Space. Because when you are able to feel safe and accepted as you are, you can dare to be the person that you want to be and live the life that you want to live.

    Another strong belief that I have is that anyone and everyone can benefit from counseling and therapy services. Even if you don’t have any mental health struggles, you can still focus on your wellness and quality of life. Think of therapy as a stepping stone to those personal goals that you have for yourself. Take the first step and contact us so we can get you moving towards those goals!

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    My Qualifications & Credentials

    I didn’t start out as a therapist. I began my college career as a philosopher and I have an undergraduate degree in that field. Philosophy taught me critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning, looking at the big picture, and seeing issues from many different perspectives. Towards the end of my undergraduate degree, I realized that I wanted to more specifically work with people. Listening, talking, and supporting people has always been part of who I am and I love to help people feel good. I had a growing passion for helping people be what I now think of as their best selves. So I went into the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Arkansas State University and learned the art of therapy.

    My education and training has been extensive and eclectic. Some of the things that I utilize daily in my work are:

    • Extensive Training & Education in LGBTQIA+ Therapy
    • Multicultural Counseling & Diversity Training
    • A Certification in Positive Psychology

    In my own personal journey towards my best self, I have had many supporters along the way and I know what an amazing difference it can make. The journey wasn’t always easy or fun, but it was well worth it. I like to think that I have been thriving ever since and I’d like to pass that blessing on to others. In this new journey as a therapist,

    I am devoted to working with diverse populations, advocating for those who need it, and above all being a supportive person for my clients. Therapy and counseling is not just a job for me, it is definitely where my heart is. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

    A little bit about The Daring Space…. You just might be wondering how we got our name. I chose to name this practice ‘The Daring Space’ because I believe that when a person is able to feel safe and accepted as they are, they can dare to be the person that they want to be and live the life that they want to live.

    I say ‘dare’ because it takes bravery to let go of those things that weigh us down and the expectations that the world puts on us. It also takes a leap of faith to step out of the comfort zone and change the way we interact with the world. To me, daring is the perfect word because therapy takes energy and hard work that may be uncomfortable or even frightening. Making it through the journey requires that you be bold and have courage! But don’t let me scare you off. I will be with you along the way. Keep in mind that the end result is always worth the effort. Being able to feel like your best self mentally, spiritually, and physically is something that everyone seeks but not everyone finds. You can find it and I want to help you. Doesn’t that sound nice?

    • I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Arkansas.
    • I have a technology-assisted (TA) counseling certification which allows me to provide therapy and counseling services through online and digital platforms.
    • I have a certification in Positive Psychology from UPenn.
    • I have extensive & continuous education & training in LGBTQIA+ related therapy
    • I prioritize ongoing education & training in multicultural, anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, & equity in my therapy practice.
    • I am trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) & I am listed on the UAMS registry of TF-CBT clinicians. UAMS TF-CBT
    • I adhere to the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics (2014). ACA Code of Ethics, 2014