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    Partnership Therapy

    Language is important and the term partnership was chosen because a partnership is bigger than a friendship, bigger than a relationship, and bigger than marriage. Hear me out, If you clicked on this link, you are looking for a way to strengthen the bond that you have with another person. That other part of you may be a friend, a girl/boyfriend, a husband/wife, a life partner, a soul mate. But no matter the label we put on that other person, the partnership is something that is intentional, it is chosen each day, it is a commitment, and it is important!

    If you need support for you and your partner, let’s focus on the things that make you magical in your life together. The things make each of you amazing individuals within that connection that is your life. Let’s find each of your specific languages, find your needs of love and communication, and mix it all together into joy, contentedness, and more productive conflict. You don’t have to be afraid of having boundaries, of speaking up for yourself, of bringing up something that is hard to discuss. We can work on ways to tame the fear and help your partnership bloom.

    Partnership work can be so exciting and can bring new energy to everyone involved. Show your love by taking that first step! Set up an appointment for Partnership Therapy today!