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    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy will be counseling sessions between the therapist (me) and the client (you). I do talk therapy from a Person-Centered Approach which means that I believe that the combination of my education and skills paired with you both sharing your life experiences and strengths will work together to give us the tools to help you be your best selves and work towards living your best life. I believe that change can happen when individuals feel accepted and support and that is what I hope to model for each of my clients in our work together.

    I view therapy as a journey with my role as the therapist being the supportive partner along with you for your journey of daring to be your best self.

    So, what is this “best self” business? I believe that each person has a best self that they would like to become and it takes bravery, courage, and strength to reach that goal. That’s where the idea of “daring” comes in. When my clients feel accepted and supportive and they are able to move from survival mode to thriving, we are able to work together on building the unique and individual skills that they need to best that best self that they have been looking for.

    Does this sound like something that you could use in your life?

    I believe that people are constantly on their own journeys seeking their best selves even before coming to therapy. The frustrations and struggles often come from going as far as they can without a new perspective. I am here to help you find that perspective that you need to take the next steps in your journey.