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    LGBTQIA+ Journey Groups

    I work with so many young adult individuals who are on their own personal journey to find themselves. So often this involves putting together their genuine self by finding the pieces of gender & sexual orientation that complete them. Over time, it’s been hard to find the right supports and communities to offer my people as resources on their journey. I’ve been doing my best to build bridges and create safe spaces for my people who are in the LGBTQIA+ community. One way that I am attempting this is with a safe space, closed small group where people can process and find support while they grow and find themselves.

    The Journey groups are small & they are closed, which means that once they are filled, the people in the group are “the group” and there aren’t revolving members going in and out. This allows people to feel safe and build friendships and community without having to get to know new people all of the time. There are times when a group will graduate a member and a new member may join, but this is done in a sensitive and careful way that allows people to adjust easily and with excitement instead of fear.

    The Journey groups are open-ended which means that people will come in, thrive & grow, and graduate in their own time without worrying about anyone else’s timeline.

    I specifically designed these Journey groups to build support, acceptance, and community to process each individual’s journey in finding their genuine selves with the encouragement that everyone needs from group mates that are going through similar journeys. I encourage personal and community growth and believe that we are all stronger together.

    I take great care in placing individuals in Journey groups and I realize that not everyone will be a good fit. Journey group members are screened and added to groups with care in mind of how each individual will impact the group dynamic and what they may be able to bring to the group to benefit everyone.

    What does a Journey group member look like

    (this is a generalization)

    they are open-minded

    they are curious

    they are kind

    they are respectful

    they are open to being vulnerable

    they do not take more than they give

    they do not hog the limelight, they allow everyone to talk in turn

    they are open to the idea of building trust with others

    they are afraid but they will do their best to show up anyway

    How will you know if a Journey Group is right for you?

    If you are seeking to find the missing pieces of yourself and those pieces are your genuine gender & sexual orientation, then the Journey group may be right for you!

    If you are on your own Gender and Sexual Orientation journey and you are looking for a community of others who are experiencing something similar, then the Journey group might be for you!

    If you are questioning who you are and know (or think) that you aren’t straight/heterosexual/cis or cis-gendered, then the Journey group might be for you!

    If you know who you are but feel alone and need support to gain the motivation to keep moving forward, then the Journey group might be for you!

    If you have hesitations about labeling yourself and feel like others might see you as playing pretend, then the Journey group might be right for you!

    The Journey Group Is Not

    The Journey group is not a dating group. While friendships and community are greatly encouraged, this is not a place to find hookups or flings. This is a place to grow in a safe space with acceptance and support all around you. That being said, true relationships could spring from the group dynamic and could be discussed there.

    The Journey group is not a place for people outside of the LGBTQIA+ community to learn how to be better allies. There are plenty of other spaces for that. The Journey group is a place only for those who are seeking to find their genuine gender and sexual orientation with accepting energy and support.

    The Journey group is not a free-for-all in any way shape or form. What I mean by that is, this is meant to be a safe space for all involved. If you are not able to be kind, accepting, and supportive, it is not for you. If you need all of the attention all of the time, it is not for you. If you can’t give and take with respect, it is not for you. If you are not interested in doing hard work, being vulnerable, and having an open mind, it is not for you.

    Group Rules

    (these are a few examples, each group will have its own set of rules chosen by the group members)

    1. Things that are said in the group, will never be spoken of outside of the group.
    2. Everyone will respect the privacy and confidentiality of everyone. No exceptions.
    3. There will be no demeaning or abusive language or dialogue during the group.
    4. If you feel something in group, about group, you should talk about it in group.
    5. No cell phones, texting, calling, or social media during group.
    6. Your group will become your community, approach it will respect, care, and kindness.
    7. Always be open-minded.
    8. Always ask if you don’t understand.
    9. Always ask for what you need.
    10. Always bring what you can’t carry to group and let it go.

    How do I join the Journey group?

    When you decide that the Journey group is a good fit for you or you have some questions that you’d like to ask before you make the commitment, simply click the request appointment button at the bottom of the page and select “free consultation call.” This will set you up to book a day/time to chat with me about joining the group! Or you can shoot me an email at [email protected] to ask your questions, get your answers, and get the support, acceptance, and community that you need for your journey!

    I can’t wait to hear from you!